Identifi Acquisition

By using email as the one authenticated piece of knowledge we can laser target your next best customer wherever they may be online


Cross Channel

Identifi offers a cross channel customer acquisition solution that is straightforward, effortlessly scalable and accurately measurable.


Supercharged laser targeted customer acquisition using one authenticated piece of knowledge – the email address – as the fingerprint, we can laser target your next best customer wherever they may be online.


Live Intent

Further enhanced with live intent and behavioural data we consistently resolve the customer identity across all channels.

One Consistent ID

Your first party data is critical to effective customer acquisition. We facilitate the use the of data you own to the fullest to supercharge your growth and acquire your next best customer. Make your data work harder for you!


Making email the fingerprint we laser target your next best customer. Fool proof, accurate Customer Acquistion.



Recognise high value lookalikes across all touch points to create a bullet proof predictability model within one system. In real time.


Identifi provides valuable insight on who your customers are and gives you the ability to enhance your data set to accurately target them.

360° Model

A true 360 model, utilising one of your biggest assets to further enhance and optimise your future marketing activity

email or multi channel

 Whether through email or multi channel we will deliver an effective and impactful way for you to convert your ideal customer online.

return on investment

Demonstrating an accurate ROI by tracking metrics on a daily basis, you have the information you need to make informed decisions to immediately optimise performance

Sophisticated Metrics

Delivering more performance metrics and greater measurement and optimisation.

Full Transparency

With a full 360 view on a user, make smarter decisions based on a genuine ROI.

Accurately Measurable

Measurable, trackable acquisition and retention across all channels.

The Identifi Database comprises 11.2 million consumer records and 289k business records, enhanced with live intent data, all the time.

Whether you want to focus on email acquisition alone or cross channel we have the bespoke and unique solution to power your growth1.

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