The UK’s leading email acquisition platform.

Aquire platform

Use the Aquire platform to identify, select and create your audience, take care of campaign deployment and optimisation and measure the results as they come in.

Using email as a passport to the digital world. Our proprietary acquisition platform is built around the email address enabling us to accurately target an individual not a cookie.

An email address allows and individual to shop online, validate their identity and seamlessly move across devices and channels.

An email address provides us with accurate information allowing us to target and acquire across all channels effectively.

We give you the brand the ability to tap in to this at scale in compliant way

  • Create target audiences based on demographics and behaviours attached to a person not a device and target across any channel.
  • Place a frequency cap on an individual, across channels, improving ROIs.
  • Apply suppression files based across channels.
  • Use your current CRM database to build lookalikes.
  • Integrate email acquisition into your customer acquisition strategy.

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